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Choose from one of three beautiful gift certificates for a loved one for any occasion. All funds raised will be used to buy your chosen trees and materials for planting on sites we are collaborating with across Wicklow.


Our mission is to monitor, protect, enhance and increase native habitats in Wicklow so that it can support a vast biodiverse, balanced ecosystem of historical flora and fauna. In short - a Wicklow as wild as it once was.


We work in collaboration with public, private and NGO landowners who are improving their land for nature. So far our volunteers have helped with tree plantings, vegetation management, laying seed and mulch, restoring peatland, fixing fences, setting up camera traps and cleanups.

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Snapshot Europe

ReWild Wicklow are partnering with UCD Wildlife Department on a Europe-wide mammal monitoring project in Wicklow. We are raising funds to purchase as many camera traps as possible and our volunteers will deploy and monitor them. YOU can be a part of this and put Wicklow at the forefront of European conservation. Please consider donating towards this project today.

Start Rewilding

You don't need to look further than your own back garden to help in the fight to rewild and use sustainable practices. Think of your garden as your own wildlife sanctuary. Here's some tips we've found to work well for a Wicklow garden.

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