Seeking Inspiration?
Are you a budding rewilder or have a rewilder in your life? Gift yourself or someone else a book on rewilding from a range of Irish and international authors.

'An Irish Atlantic Rainforest'
by Eoghan Daltun

With vivid descriptions and stunning imagery, Daltun unveils the unique flora and fauna of that inhabit this biodiverse region (Beara, Cork). Discover the importance of preserving this precious ecosystem and the potential for rewilding efforts to restore its former glory.

by Richard Nairn

This book is a celebration of the beauty and ecological significance of forests, exploring their history, biodiversity, and potential for rewilding. Nairn's poetic prose and deep reverence for nature make this a must-read for anyone passionate about woodland conservation.

'Whittled Away'
by Padraic Fogarty

Padraic Fogarty sheds light on the alarming decline of Ireland's natural heritage. Through compelling storytelling and thought-provoking insights, Fogarty reveals the impact of human activities on Ireland's ecosystems and offers a call to action for rewilding and restoring the country's vanishing biodiversity.

'Wild Embrace'
by Anja Murray

Wild Embrace is about cultivating curiosity and awe in nature, in a time of eco-anxiety and overwhelm. As ecologist Anja Murray opens our eyes to the hidden bounty of the land, sea and sky around us, we head out on a unique journey through the Irish landscape.

by George Monbiot

Feral challenges our notions of wilderness and invites us to reimagine our relationship with the natural world. With a blend of personal experiences and ecological research, Monbiot makes a compelling case for rewilding, highlighting its potential to restore balance and vitality to ecosystems while reigniting our own connection to wild places.

by George Monbiot

Monbiot explores cutting-edge ecological concepts and innovative rewilding projects, providing a roadmap for restoring damaged landscapes and revitalizing biodiversity. This book inspires us to rethink our approach to conservation and embrace a regenerative mindset.

'The Missing Lynx'
by Ross Barnett

The past and Future of Britain’s Lost Mammals. Barnett explores the history of Britain's lost mammals and the potential for their reintroduction through rewilding efforts.

by Paul Jepson and Cain Blythe

With engaging prose and informative case studies, the authors delve into the principles and practices of rewilding, highlighting its ecological, social, and economic benefits. This book serves as an essential guide for understanding and implementing rewilding initiatives.

by Isabella Tree

Faced with the challenges of a failing farm, Tree and her husband embarked on a journey to return their land to its wild roots. Through their pioneering rewilding project, they witnessed the miraculous resurgence of biodiversity. This inspiring book offers a testament to the transformative power of rewilding

'When we went wild'
by Isabella Tree

A delightful children's book that sparks imagination and curiosity about the natural world. With enchanting illustrations and an engaging story, young readers will join the adventure of rewilding, discovering the wonders of nature and the importance of conservation. Perfect for inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

'Fen, Bog & Swamp'
by Annie Proulx

Proulx wants us to see the loss of wetlands and to appreciate the beauty in these swampy and often stinking places.

'Listen to the Land Speak'
by Manchán Magan

Magan invokes the spirits of Ireland's landscapes, drawing inspiration from its rich cultural heritage and weaving a tapestry of ecological wisdom. This book not only serves as a wellspring of insight for those passionate about nature conservation, but also as a treasured gift that celebrates the intertwined narratives of language, mythology, and our natural world. 'Listen to the Land Speak' is a testament to the timeless relationship between humans and the environment, making it an invaluable addition to the library of any aspiring conservationist.

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