An Óige Knockree Youth Hostel have established a nature conservation plan for their 27 hectare site in the Glencree Valley of Wicklow. This beautiful reserve stretches from the hostel at Lackan House down to the Glencree River and offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains including the Sugarloaf. The conservation plan was drawn up by ecologists and provided a framework of practical works to be carried out by a team of An Óige conservation volunteers. 

Since 2022, our volunteers have partnered with An Óige to help with these works that include native woodland expansion, deer fence installation, hedgerow rejuvenation, meadow management and establishing a native tree nursery. A particular project we have worked on is reestablishing a m hedgerow that once existed on the site, running the full length from north to south. There is an incredible abundance of wildlife at this site including red squrrels, pine marten, jays, Daubenton's bats and red kites, all of which will be helped by the restoration works taking place. 

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