Snapshot Europe

In 2021, a new project called “Snapshot Europe” was conducted and led by the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour, Germany. The goal was to collect systematic wildlife camera trap data on mammals across as many study sites in Europe as possible during September and October.

To ensure Ireland was represented in a small way in the project, camera traps were deployed as a joint initiative of University College Dublin and the University of Freiburg, Germany. 10 camera traps were deployed at 20 sites around central county Wicklow following the Snapshot Europe protocols. Although small by international standards, this work was, unintentionally, the largest systematic camera trap deployment ever conducted in Ireland to date.

Over 10,000 photographs were captured with 8 mammal species identified. The full report is to be released later in 2022.

ReWild Wicklow are partnering with UCD Wildlife Department for 2022 to expand Snapshot Europe in Wicklow. We are raising funds to purchase as many camera traps as possible and our volunteers will deploy and monitor them.

YOU can be a part of this and put Wicklow at the forefront of European conservation. Every mammal recorded becomes more protected. Please donate towards this project and consider sponsoring a camera trap today.

As a special thank you, every individual or company who donates the cost of a full camera trap setup (€218) will get the opportunity to name it. Every image we share online will mention the name of the camera it was captured on. A perfect way to promote your business’s involvement in the project or honour the memory of a loved one who cared about nature. All donors to the project will also get special access and updates to the images we collect, revealing the hidden world of mammals across our beautiful county.

UPDATE: All of our camera traps are now deployed across 20 sites in Wicklow. There are three left to be sponsored and named. We are also collecting sponsorship already for more camera traps that will allow us expand the project area west and south in Wicklow.

Please donate to support this project

This project is being supported with matched funding from the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Local Authority Waters Programme.

RTÉ's 'Climate Heroes' Series

We were delighted to have ReWild Wicklow and our Snapshot Europe project featured on RTÉ's 'Climate Heroes' series on 10th September. It's a great piece and we hope it inspires more people to support our project or expand it to where they live. 

Greystones Guide Interview

Paul Byrne from the Greystones Guide interviewed Danny in Mount Kennedy Woods recently. Watch it to find out even more about Snapshot Europe and all things ReWild Wicklow.

This project has also been supported by the following local businesses who have each sponsored a camera trap to place in the field as part of the project:

Snapshot Europe 2022 Camera Footage

As we check our 20 cameras across Wicklow throughout the months of September and October, we'll be sharing all the best images right here. What will we see this year? Check back regularly for updates or follow us on our social channels.