Sea buckthorn clearing in Brittas Bay and more

Another very busy weekend for the rewilders!

On Saturday we teamed up with the Heritage Office of Wicklow County Council to continue work on a project removing Sea Buckthorn in Brittas Bay. These trees were planted in the 70s to help stabilise the dunes but the plant is actually invasive and is growing so thickly it is shading out the dune floor and changing this important protected habitat. Our combined team went at it with saws and loppers and made a very nice pile in the car park for collection! 

On Sunday we returned to Knockree to continue planting with An Oige Conservation Group. Our group planted 75 mixed native trees, including oak and hazel, in big tubes all along the Glencree River.

One of our co-founders Simon was also up on Derrybawn on Sunday where he checked in and provided some aftercare to our exclosure of Scots pine that was paid for with all those tree certs at Christmas.

And finally last night another co-founder and our chair, Danny Alvey, was given the 'Local Champion' award at the Wicklow County Council Environmental Awards for his contribution co-founding the group and all his biodiversity work with Newtown Tidy Towns.


And we've plenty more busy weekends coming up with everyone welcome! Join us at