Peatland restoration on Barnacullian Ridge

No better antidote to all the recent negative climate talk than positive climate action!

It was great to spend yesterday high in the mountains with old friends and new restoring a really degraded peatland site with the NPWS rangers on the Barnacullian Ridge between Tonelagee and Mullaghclevaun. 

We built 34 small timber dams, 6 small stone dams and 1 large stone dam to help slow the run off of peat from this area. We also spread grass seed to help hold the peat together and put up a sheep fence to protect it from grazing. This brings the total number of dams built on this large site to over 200!

We'll be helping with a new peatland site soon on Carrigshouk Mountain and more volunteers always welcome. Sign up here on our website.

This project has been supported with grant funding from the Heritage Council and the Local Authority Waters Programme.